What to Do When You Play Euromillions Lottery Online


If you decide to play Euromillions lottery online, there are some rules and instructions you have to follow. Though having it online makes everything a lot easier, you should know what to do step by step in order to play this specific game a lot smoother.


One of the best thing about this lottery is that you can play the same combination of numbers for as long as four weeks without having to buy for another one for time to time. You will be able to see this on the lower part of your play slip and for which you could specify on how long you want to continue using this number combination. You need to take not of the draw which happens every Tuesday or Friday of the week. If you don’t specify the number of weeks you want to continue playing this combination then this will expire after the next draw.


Players who purchase Euromillions lottery tickets have their unique three letters and six numbers code which is randomly generated by a computer program. This will serve like the identification of your entry which you may also want to be familiarized in. Memorize the code for assurance. This code, also known as the UK Millionaire Maker Entry, will automatically be programmed once the draw starts. All the letters in the cod have a significan specifically the first one. It will tell you when the ticket was bought and when the number combination was entered in the system. The rest of the letter and numbers though will be in random order. This ensures that regardless of the date when you bought your ticket and whether you bought your ticket earlier than other players, this does not give you any advantage using this code in the draw especially if you will also be using the same combination in the next following weeks.


If you play Euromillions lottery online then you will probably make use of a card. This will mean that you will have your own account in the specific website. The upside of this is that you will be notified especially if your combination was not entered in the draw.